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Opposition Leader says Government should have done more to protect citizens

In its release, the National Security Council, expressed its pleasure that the trip to Sarstoon Island ended without major incident. The Council said “The welfare of Belizean citizens, no matter what the circumstances, is always of paramount concern to the Council and the Government of Belize”. However, the Belize coast Guard was not present when the volunteers journeyed to Sarstoon Island and were intercepted by Guatemalan armed forces. PUP Leader says that if he was Prime Minister, he would have handled the situation differently.

Francis Fonseca – Opposition Leader

“I would have made it very clear to our security forces, the Belize Defense Force, the National  Coast Guard service that we have an obligation to protect our citizens, we seek no confrontation with Guatemala obviously but if our citizens in good faith if we have determined as a government that our concerned citizens of this country in good faith want to travel to a particular part of our territory and they are uncertain about that journey that they would feel much more comfortable if our security forces were there and present to assist them and to guide them and to make sure in fact there are no accidents or misjudgements as to where they are to ensure that they were at all times ,as they were, in Belizean territorial waters I would have directed absolutely immediately directed my coast guard officials and the BDF to accompany them to Sarstoon Island and to ensure their safety and security.”