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Opposition Leader Weighs in on Crisis in the Banana Industry


Yesterday, in speaking with the Minister of Labor, Godwin Hulse, who also serves as the Senator for Business, we were told that there isn’t much that the Government can do since this is a private sector issue.  Today, we spoke with the Leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca, who spoke on what would be their move on this matter should they form the next administration on November 4.


“It’s a very important issue. The People’s United Party built the banana industry; we created the banana industry, so we understand how that industry works.  So, yes, we are very aware of the issues confronting Mayan King. It is absolutely true, it is a private company and so the government can’t move in and bail out Mayan King but we are prepared to hit the ground running. We are prepared to dialogue with Fyffes. We are prepared to dialogue with all other stakeholders in the industry to see where they can partner with Mayan King or take up whatever slack there exists because of what has happened with Mayan King.  So we believe already the discussion we’ve had with the stakeholders of the industry, that there is a formula to resolve this matter that will protect the interests of the workers in the banana industry.”