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Opposition Party comments on Land Amnesty

While that certainly seems clear enough, and even makes perfect sense, the confusion is very real. Today, Love News spoke to Chairman of the PUP, Henry Usher who told us that what went to the House was a write-off, not an amnesty period. That’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

Henry Usher, PUP Party Chairman: “The only comment I have is that the House papers, the bills,  says write off so I don’t know how it can be anything other than a write-off. They took it to the House so I believe that it can be written off if that’s what they want to do. Whether it is a time frame when you have to come in and make good, I don’t know what you have to do? Just say ‘I agree?” within the six months because if you don’t have to pay anything then all you really have to do is go in and say “I agree for the write off” or for the amnesty or whatever it is they are calling it. The second point to that is that it seems to be happening over and over that there’s no way of improving the collection mechanism in the department to say listen why is it that people can just wait, not pay their taxes, wait the time and it’s just written off or amnesty periods are given? If you’re going to be doing this now then lets put in place a better collection mechanism going forward or maybe even stronger legislation to say that if you don’t pay there are penalties for not paying because you can’t just be not  paying your taxes, waiting for a period of time and then the taxes are not owed again. We saw the dance being done by the Prime Minister writing off $90 million in taxes and then borrowing $100 million for a road to Sarteneja. Why? Why are we burdening the other tax payers in this country, people that are paying their taxes when these non tax paying ones are saying  “well we’re just going to take the break again.”

Commissioner of Lands, Wilbert Vallejos told Love News on Monday that they are confident that land owners in arrears will take advantage of the amnesty period.