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Opposition Party Elects Municipal Team for Dangriga

The People’s United Party is preparing for municipal elections which will take place in March of next year. This past weekend, a convention was held to determine the slate for Dangriga.  Correspondent Harry Arzu reports.


“Currently the population of Dangriga is 10,305 according to the Statistical Institute of Belize and it is located on the Caribbean Coast at the mouth of the Stann Creek River. Dangriga according to history was settled before 1832 by the Garinagu and for years it was the largest population center in the country behind Belize City. Moreover the population of Dangriga is mostly a mixture of Garinagu, Kriols and Mestizos and has a registered voting population of over 5,000. Conversely close to 600 voters came out yesterday to vote in the People’s United Party Convention where they elected a mayoral candidate and six councilor candidates who will contest the upcoming municipal elections slated for March of next year. Overseeing the event were Executive members of the party Henry Charles gave us the results.”


“It was a very successful day for the People’s United Party here in Dangriga. We actually doubled the turn out from our last convention for Mayoral and Town Council candidates so I am very happy with the turn out and very happy with the energy I see down here and I am very happy with the team that has been selected by the people to represent the People’s United Party in this upcoming municipal election in March 2018. In terms of numbers we had about 590 votes cast and the turn out was in favor of Mr.Derrick Velasquez 318 to Alfredo Gongora 270 votes. The town council candidates as we just sworn in are Mr.Teul, Ms.Jang, Mr.Palacio, Mrs. Ramos, Mrs. Caballero and Mrs. Jones; those are the six that topped the polls out of the eight that contested the election. The campaign has begun this is our second slate that we’ve selected, we had our endorsement convention in Corozal Town and now we have our Dangriga team for the People’s United Party. We decided to start very early this year, we want to get our teams out there, we want the public to know them and we wanted some fresh faces so I’m glad to see Mr.Velasquez step forward and he actually won the convention. He is a new candidate, a new face and he represents a change and a new guard for the People’s United Party going into the next elections.”


“Love News also spoke with the new Mayoral Candidate for the PUP Derick Velasquez.”


“I put together a team of ordinary people, people who care about what’s going on in Dangriga and we sat down at my house and we talked about how we could reach out to the majority of voters in our party and they came through to us. Majority of my people are women, we have a few men, we have some old people, we have some new people but all in all we have the spirit of Dangriga that wanted to move this community forward.”