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Opposition Party Gives Thumbs Up to BNTU

Thousands of teachers demonstrated today in Belmopan. The Belize National Teachers Union, aside from demanding their three percent salary adjustment, is asking for good governance. People’s United Party Leader, John Briceno says that the BNTU has the support of the PUP.


“We had an executive meeting last week Friday and at that meeting the party took a position that we do support the teachers in their stand up for Belize campaign. I think they have every right to demand the raise that was rightfully promised to them, I don’t think they were even asking for it but the Prime Minister in his quest to get a third term went overboard and made all kinds of promises and he made a promise to the teachers and now he is using an excuse about Hurricane Earl that it has cost untold millions of dollars of damage. It is so ironic, when you spit up in the air it falls in your face that is exactly what is happening to the Prime Minister. Remember the PUP had five storms and hurricanes and whenever we gave the extent of the damage he was the first one saying that it was being inflated. Now in this case it was just a category one storm and now he is saying that we lost hundreds of millions of dollars yet people are not seeing any kind of benefits that he is getting from supposedly the efforts that he and the government have been doing. Now the teachers are saying “we are prepared to sacrifice with you Mr.Prime Minister but you have to show what you are going to do and what is your sacrifice.” He has appointed new ministers with drivers and vehicles and offices and support staff. We have the Deputy Prime Minister whose vehicle that somehow mysteriously was driven into the sea and the Prime Minister proudly announced in the house that he is going to buy another vehicle for the Deputy Prime Minister. So why should the teachers be asked for them to sacrifice the $13 million dollars if the  government is showing no intents of them tightening their belts and making their sacrifice.”