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Opposition Party In Doubt of Government’s Report on Guatemalan Vessel

The PUPs are planning for a National Party Council meeting to take place over the weekend in Dangriga …. And while those plans are being made, they have also found time to present questions for the Government of Belize surrounding the recent incident where the Guatemalan Naval Vessel was lodged onto the reef in Belize’s waters.  We have heard the account of what transpired from various factions including the Belize Coast Guard, the Ministry of National Security and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs …. But the main opposition party is not satisfied, in the least, and have therefore sent out a release with questions that they would like the Government to respond to.  While the four questions posed in the PUP release have already been asked to officials by Love News and while there were responses to those by senior Government officials, spokesperson for the PUP on this issue, Retired Major Lloyd Jones, says they are sceptical and in doubt.


“Well, I think that anybody would be alarmed or concerned or should be concerned when the armed forces of another country enter your territory.  So, from that perspective alone it is cause for concern. Additionally with the fact that the vessel went aground causing some environmental damage is also cause for concern. I think that from the PUP’s perspective, coming out, of the Ministry of National Security has done very little to allay the fears that there might be something amiss with the entire event.”


“Has the PUP done any kind of investigation of their own into what exactly may have happened?”


“Well as you can imagine the officials are extremely tight lipped trying to get their narratives straight but for some time now those people, particularly the fisher folk down south, have been saying that the Guatemalan Navy has been providing some sort of escort service to fishermen when they come into our territorial waters and that seems to have been dismissed by the Ministry of National Security as nothing other than mischief and the fact that this vessel went aground where it did, might very well lend to that story, that in fact they might have been patrolling as opposed to making a transit to Mexico.”