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Opposition Party Makes Promises to Electorate in Various Sectors

Independence Hall on Queen Street was the venue where the People’s United Party launched its social agenda.  Reporter Hipolito Novelo was there and has the story.


“Twenty eight standard bearers of the People’s United Party signed what they called, ‘The Social Contract to the People”. It consists of 12 bullet points- promises that if the PUP forms the next government, shall be initiated in one hundred days after November 4.”


“Our team of 31 candidates are convinced, each and every one us, is convinced that unless there is significant and fundamental reforms undertaken in the way Belize is governed the full potential of Belize to realize economic opportunities, to free its people from the bonds of poverty and improve the lives of all Belizeans may never be achieved. This is our opportunity to get it right and we in the People’s United Party take that very seriously. Today my friends we publicly commit to this social contract with you the Belizean people.”


“In this social contract, the PUP pledges to build the Forward Operating Base at Sarstoon Island and Hunting Caye; disband the Gang Suppression Unit and repeal the ‘draconian’ gun law, appoint the 13th Senator and pass a law which would require the Senate to appoint senior public officers including the Auditor General, Contractor General, Judges and the Director of Public Prosecutions. The PUP also promises to reconfigure and empower the Public Accounts Committee and strengthen the Integrity Commission.”


“Your PUP Area Representatives wish to publicly commit to fundamental governance and economic reforms to secure power and to promote the well being of the people in practical and meaningful ways as quickly as possible. What we are saying ladies and gentlemen is that these reforms are necessary so that the money that comes out of the consolidated fund go to the people of Belize and not in the pockets of politicians, it is as simple as that. For too long we have seen ministerial discretion that allows politicians to get away with things that the regular population of Belize cannot get away with, that is what has to change. It has to change now.”


“The PUP says it will also exempt thousands of workers from income tax, revisit the Hotel and Tourism Accommodation Act, raise minimum wage; provide free education, roll out the National Health Insurance across the country and create a public fund to be known as the upliftment fund.”


“And we will review and revise labor laws to ensure fair practices by employers and the employees and update legislation to protect worker safety. Again one sentence but a mouthful and we are completely committed. We will create a public fund to be known as the upliftment fund comprising the remaining proceeds of the Venezuela PetroCaribe fund. The fund is to be administered by a Board of Governors including the social partners and the law will define the law uses of the funds to allow for any member of the public to submit proposals for project funding. Tacos and beer out. Export project and agricultural food production are to be given priority.”


“It is a contract my fellow Belizeans, with you. This is a solemn contract from the People’s United Party with the Belizean people. We pledge to you today and I pledge to you today that we will abide by this contract. We will fulfil this contract within the first 100 days of the next People’s United Party government.”


“The People’s United Party will still have to carry out consultations with the private sector in order to get their approval on these bullet points. It is expected that the PUP will release its economy reform plan and manifest in the coming weeks. Reporting for Love News, I am Hipolito Novelo.”