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Opposition Party Speaks on MEK MI RICH and BTL

Earlier this week we told you of the ruling by Justice Courtney Abel as it relates to the lawsuit taken out by Curtis Swasey against the Belize Telemedia Limited.  Following that ruling from the court, the People’s United Party issued a release with the headline, PUP Denounces Shady Happenings in the People’s Company. The release states, quote, “On Monday, February 23, 2016, learned Supreme Court Justice Courtney Abel found that Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) had breached a confidentiality agreement with Belizean Curtis Swasey, had misappropriated Swasey’s concept for a lottery texting show and had basically peddled that concept to a new company (MMR) which then passed it off as their own.  In an interview with the media following the decision, attorney for MMR Naima Barrow stated that “what the Judge has not insinuated but SAID is that there was something shady happening between B.T.L. and my client.”  The People’s United Party registers serious concern at what amounts to no less than a conviction of BTL, or persons acting on behalf of BTL, on charges of corruption. We are further concerned that no principal of BTL has come forward to announce an immediate investigation into the matter. The success of BTL hinges on its corporate integrity, and the decision by the Judge speaks directly to that integrity, or lack thereof. Those at BTL responsible for stealing a concept and peddling it should be called out. At the very least, heads should roll.  We note with great interest the political connection between BTL and MMR at the highest level. The Chairman of the Executive Committee of BTL is Anwar Barrow, son of the Prime Minister. One of the Directors of MMR is Andre Vega, son of the Deputy Prime Minister.  Prime Minister Dean Barrow has at every opportunity exalted himself for giving BTL back to the Belizean people. He says the company belongs to us, even though it is his son and a hand-picked few who make all the decisions.  The PUP demands an immediate and impartial investigation into the corruption at this company which belongs to Belizeans – into not only the matter of the MMR fiasco but other reports of corruption surrounding financial decisions made at the Board level. If Mr. Swasey had not persevered in Court, this collusion between BTL and MMR would have gone unremarked. How many other such deals and misdeals have been carried out since 2009?  We await an announcement from Belize Telemedia Ltd.”  End of quote.