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Opposition party weighs in on the National Gas Company proposal

The proposal of a monopoly butane company in Belize has dominated conversation since the last sitting of The House when the National Gas Company Limited was tabled. While there is no opposition to a local entity, so to speak, there is concern because monopoly does not always equal benefit to consumers. The People’s United Party hasn’t offered an official position on the company, so today, Love News put the question squarely to chairman, Henry Usher.

Henry Usher, PUP Party Chairman: ” I think the party has always maintained that competition is best, we have to have competition in this country to make sure that the consumers, the Belizean people are the beneficiaries of any initiative, any investment, anything that comes in as a part of the service industry or product that comes into this country, the Belizean consumers, the Belizean people have to be the ones to benefit the most from anything like this. So with this issue of the national gas company I believe it’s something that is not a bad investment, I think it’s important that we gain control of our butane industry whereas we’re almost at the mercy right now to foreign importers of butane but we have to study it very carefully to make sure that the Belizean people, the consumers are the ones will benefit.”`

Prime Minister Dean Barrow has stated in the House that it is a given that prices to consumers will be lowered.