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Opposition Questions About Utilities, Transport and Sports

Item number eight on the agenda for today’s Sitting of the House of Representatives entailed questions from the Ministers.  In this segment the elected Parliamentarians presented questions on various matters ranging from health to lands and public utilities.  Area Representative for the Lake Independence division addressed the issue of lack of electricity in some rural areas in western Belize.  Minister Hugo Patt responded saying that the onus is on the Belize Electricity Limited to have light installed in those areas.

The issue of public transportation also came up as well specifically the rise in bus fares.  Transport  Minister, Edmund Castro gave a detailed explanation as to how the new bus fares came about and how the past Musa administration contributed to the current situation.

As it relates to sports facilities the opposition questioned the plans for the MCC Garden.  Minister of Sports, Patrick Faber responded and expounded on other facilities countrywide.


The other questions were regarding the budget for health which the opposition and the House Speaker recognized that the presentation done by Minister of Health, Pablo Marin did not match the written documents namely the fiscal budget.