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Senator Michael Peyrefitte

Opposition Says Belize’s Ratification Has to Do with Lord Ashcroft

With all that explanation the Lead Opposition  Senator Michael Peyrefitte would not hear of it.  He said that he firmly believes that the ratification has fully to do with Lord Michael Ashcroft and nothing to do with the best interest of the people.

Michael Peyrefitte, Senator

Michael Peyrefitte, Senator: “When you’re dealing with a blood sucker I don’t want to hear about reservations.”

Carolyn Trench Sandiford, Senate President: “Let us be careful of language Senator.

Michael Peyrefitte, Senator: “I take it back Madam President. When you’re dealing with a predator I don’t want reservations. I want that protection from going back or old awards be put in the convention article itself. Why can’t we put it in there and say upon it ‘Coming into force anything in the past will not be applicable.’ Madam President for all those reasons I say that this ratific ation is for the benefit and full of Michael Ashcroft. This government is showing to the Belizean people that when it comes to him they’re prepared to do anything to make sure he gets what he wants while the Belizean people have to be told that in a one month you won’t have any more food. This is wrong, this has only one intention and I cannot support this motion.”

UDP Senator Sheena Pitts rose to speak on the transparency of the matter saying that it is unacceptable to ask for a vote on an issue where all the information has not been revealed.