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Opposition says Guatemalan official’s statements need to be rectified

As we mentioned, Guatemala media were present at Sarstoon River and yesterday one of the first news report of that country on the expedition was published online. It came from Canal Antigua and the reporter reported that Belizeans had entered into Guatemalan waters in order to position a flag on Sarstoon Island. In his news report, the reporter featured comments from Vice Admiral Carlos Thomas of the Guatemalan National Navy Defense. In his statements, Thomas, told Guatemalan reporters that Belizeans were the one who had trespassed into Guatemalan waters and attempted to take a piece of land which belongs to Guatemala. Senator Lisa Shoman, said that the Government of Belize should immediately send a protest regarding his comments.

Senator Lisa Shoman

“Which is utter rubbish there is no way for us to go on Sarstoon Island because it is mangrove. That was actually never the intent in any case because the organizer saw that it would have been an issue. What we did is exactly what we were meant to do and this is why I say the words of Vice Admiral Carlos Thomas have been captured by Guatemalan media and it is the duty of our government to demand an explanation from Guatemalan but more importantly to immediately issue a note of protest saying that they in fact came into our waters and that they have explaining to do.”