Opposition Senator Criticizes Expenditures

Opposition Senator Criticizes Expenditures

Earlier in this newscast we told you of the nearly eight seven million dollars being appropriated by the Government.  While opposition Senator, Beverly Williams, criticized the majority line of expenditure, she did speak well of the acquisition of the CT scan.  According to Williams, what she hopes to see happen is a fair tendering process for the medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.

Senator Beverly Williams, Opposition Party (UDP): “Central Admin under the Ministry of Health. I know the CAT scan is in the CAP 2 part of the budget, Madam President. And I guess the Belizean people will finally, finally be able to get some good health care with the use of that CAT scan. It took them three years, but we are finally getting it. In central medical stores, all in the recurrent budget, $23 million dollars material and supplies. Let’s see an open tender for the supplies. The tape, the syringe, and the Tylenol, and the medication for those people with diabetes all of those let’s hope but let’s see an open tender, no single source tendering for that one, $23 million. Let us not have to destroy when we buy.”

Senator Kevin Herrera praised the initiative for government to include expenditures for health facilities.  What he did ask of the government is that they ensure that quality control plays a key role in evaluating the items as they arrive.

Senator Kevin Herrera, Private Sector: “We keep on seeing on the news where groups working within the health sector are complaining about shortages of medicine, equipment, expired medicines and I think that in these contracts Madam President perhaps we could try bring some more transparency in into it in terms of the one the open bid process like what Senator Williams mentioned but also perhaps scrutinize the things that are coming in to make sure the they’re meeting the standards that we set. Madam President I’d like to also highlight that in these areas here these supplies and medicines are coming to assist those who are most in need in this country probably in many cases those who don’t have a second option, who can’t go to the private facilities to get these medication and so they don’t have the option and so I think it’s incumbent on us even more os there’s a higher degree of responsibility I believe given the constituency that is being served in this particular area especially that we do all possible to make sure that there’s value for what we’re spending in this area and so I’m hoping that we could start looking and probably doing a better job in this area.”

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