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Opposition Senator Says Church State Commission Is a Sham

Also speaking on the Morality Commission was Valerie Woods. The PUP Senator was at the US Embassy’s pride flag raising event. She told the media that the quote, “the so called Morality Commission” is a sham.


“It is a farce when you have a commission by whatever name that has been established for the purposes of discussing a particular matter that has various views and for the lack of a better term various parties involved yet very one sided in that discussion. Now there could have been an in tandem approach with members of the LGBTI community meetings with them so that there could have been a balanced perspective. So I am extremely disappointed that it is taking two of those religious leaders having to step down for possible statements coming out of the government that, well it was really not really how it was intended to be sort of commentary that we are hearing. So I’m very pleased for the invitation to represent the People’s United Party here but also in my own capacity Senator and individual so I thank you Adrian and the US Embassy for that not just because its 2017 but the farce of signing on to these conventions particularly the Human Rights Convention and to actively and demonstratively not promote human rights it needs to stop.”