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Orange Council Seeks to Make Changes Following Fatal Accident

Yesterday three year old Lindsey Alina Babb lost her life in a tragic road traffic incident in Orange Walk Town. The incident happened on Liberty Avenue when a coke truck reportedly attempted to make a u-turn on the street and hit Eulalio Babb who was travelling on a blue scooter along with his daughter. The child fell off the cycle and was crushed by the truck.  The unfortunate incident has brought attention to the heavy traffic in the area, which increased after a large supermarket was opened in the area.  Orange Walk Town Mayor Kevin Bernard arrived at the scene of the incident and spoke with the media. He said that the concern had been voiced   by residents during his visits just last week. He says the council is looking at making some changes to avoid further incidents.


“Talking to the PR Officer and Traffic Manager; we’re thinking that maybe there is need for us to close off this section and no U turn because that is where the heavy traffic occurs. Like I said, it’s sad that something like this had to happen but we will make sure that as a council we will take whatever necessary measures to ensure that this area is secured and safe. Speaking to our foreman as well we are building a culvert drain across the street on Unity Drive and to slow the traffic as well  coming out into Burns Avenue we are putting somewhat like a bump over that drain so that we can also alleviate these types of situations. But at the end of the day we need to ask drivers because from the story I got of what happened this morning, it is so sad, it speaks of the irresponsibility of people.”