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Orange Walk Family Concerned Over Burial Plot

A family in the Orange Walk District was unpleasantly surprised to learn that a new tomb had been set on top of a tomb of their loved one at the Orange Walk Cemetery. The bottom tomb is where Faustino Campos was laid to rest some twenty years ago. The problem here is that the new tomb is not the resting place for a family member, and was placed on top of Campos’ final resting place a couple weeks back. After making checks at the Orange Walk Town Hall, Campos’ family was able to get some answers. It appears that the situation was due to a mix-up. The family of the woman who was buried on top of Campos’ tomb thought that space belonged to a family member who had passed years ago. After discussions among both families and the Town Council representatives, it was agreed that the new tomb will be removed by the respective family and the town council starting tomorrow.  We understand the body will be exhumed and will involve health officials to oversee the process. We were unable to get a comment from Orange Walk Mayor Kevin Bernard on the matter.