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Orange Walk Man Charged for the Unintentional Death of Jillian Garcia

When we reported on the death of nineteen-year-old, Jillian Garcia in Trial Farm Village, Orange Walk Districts there were suspicions that the victim was intentionally hit. The suspicions arose out of an argument that the driver of the vehicle had just had moments before Garcia was knocked down. Today, Police Commissioner Chester Williams says it was an unintentional event, thus the charge of manslaughter against twenty-nine-year-old, Luigi Ivan Chable.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “The DPP does not act on what people say neither does the police. We act on what is given to us in writing and from what we obtained statements from witnesses it does not appear that way and I am not the DPP or the DPP’s representative who arrived at the charge of manslaughter by negligence but I am going to respect the decision made by the DPP’s representative who directed the police to charge for that offence. I have some insight of the situation and from what I have been briefed there was nothing to show that it was intentional but rather someone who appeared to have been under the influence, jumped into a vehicle, hit a lamppost, lost control and knocked down the other person I don’t see how that could be intent to kill.”

Chable was charged with Manslaughter by Negligence, Causing Death by Careless Conduct, driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention, using an unlicensed motor vehicle and using a motor vehicle not covered by Third Party Risk Insurance.