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Orange Walk South roads neglected

The roads in Orange Walk that the cane farmers traverse will be receiving upgrades, all except the roads located in Orange Walk South. Jose Abelardo Mai, the Standard Bearer for Orange Walk South, told Love news that it is a great disservice to the farmers in that area. Mai said that his constituency did not receive any of the three hundred thousand dollars allocated for the upgrading of the roads instead the funds went to areas controlled by the UDP Area Representatives. The Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, told the media that the situation is shameful.

Leader of the Opposition John Bricenio: “To the issue of the sugar road which I think is disgraceful what the Government has been doing. They allocated I think it is $300,000 for the fixing of the sugar roads in the north and then they split that in half. What has happened in Orange Walk is even worse because then the two UDP Representatives decided to share that money amongst themselves and now they are just fixing the roads for their supporters. I think that is disgraceful, it is shameful and I think that the Prime Minister at the very least should act quickly and make sure that we have enough funding to be able to fix the roads of our sugar cane farmers.”

Reports are that the UDP Area Representatives have already contracted earmarked the funds to contractors to repair their constituencies.