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Orange Walk Town Council Discuss How to Mitigate Floods

More than a dozen homes in the Orange Walk District were seriously affected by flooding over the weekend. The Orange Walk Town Council, today visited the various areas that were affected, to properly assess and effectively address the damages that properties sustained. The Orange Walk Town Council confirms that they have been actively preparing for the hurricane season; however, this weekend’s downpour was much more than anticipated. The Operations Manager of the Orange Walk Town Council, Omar Mendez, explained that while they have come up with several different solutions, they have encountered certain hurdles.

Omar Mendez, Operation Manager Orange Walk Town Council: “The amount of water was tremendous. The volume was tremendous but 1, the reason that affected some of the residents is that awesome areas, some properties are below street level. That’s one. 2. Others we had people that always tend to take it for granted that the Town Council will do everything for them. They dispose of a tree. They cut down a tree. They chop their lot and what do they do? They dump everything into the drain. I would really advise the citizens as soon as possible, preferably before they cut down any tree so that we can do an assessment and tell them well okay, it will cost you X amount of money to dispose of the debris. So that will alleviate and help us a lot so that our drains don’t get clogged up. Because on Saturday we were out and not only on Saturday, from before previous days. What we find is a lot of debris, branches, cans, plastic bags and all kinds of rubbish into the drains, especially in the culverts. We are expecting more rain so we are advising every citizen to please take caution and prepare yourselves. Prepare yourselves cause we don’t know what the other storm will bring. Of course we are here. If you need to evacuate, we are here to assist as much as we can.”