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Orange Walk Town Council and National Sports Council to iron out differences over the People’s Stadium

Fiestarama 2018 is happening as scheduled this coming weekend. That has been confirmed by Orange Walk Town Mayor Kevin Bernard who indicated that the Council and the National Sports Council (NSC) reached a settlement late this afternoon over the rental of the People’s Stadium. As we have reported, the event was placed on hold after the National Sports Council requested a payment of five thousand dollars from the Orange Walk Town Council to use the People’s Stadium. The Town Hall objected, saying it wanted to pay only ten percent of the gate proceeds like it did in 2017. In a press conference today, Director of the NSC, Ian Jones explained that in 2017, both parties entered and signed an agreement that stipulated that QUOTE, “10% of any money’s collected by the Orange Walk Town Council for renting or leasing any other property, shall be paid to the NSC. This does not include food stalls. Therefore, based on your financial report, the NSC is owed 10% of your gate proceeds, 10% Of rental collected for bars, 10% of rent collected for Mechanical rides,”ENDQUOTE. Jones says the only payment they have received is a one thousand dollars security deposit, and the Town Hall’s nonpayment has led them to request the five thousand dollar rental fee for this year.

Ian Jones Director NCS:If right after the event the mayor had given the sports council the ten percent of the gate proceeds there would be no issue today with them for getting people stadium for Fiesta Rama but I confirm with the Mayor that first of all we will not enter into any new agreement until what is owed to the sports council is payed, secondly I cannot for lack of better words trust that you took a year and the signed agreement and refused to or neglected to pay what you owed, I cannot go into that agreement again. Now we will charge a flat fee that we expect to be paid before the event. We don’t want any ten percent or any percentage of your proceeds again, we will charge a flat fee, that’s that you pay it, you pay your security deposit, if there are no damages to the facility, your security deposit is returned. If we were to be payed the 10% that the Mayor or that the town board owes the Sports Council the figure would be at 3617 and this figure is generated from their report, at no point did I say we want $5000 plus the 10% no we are saying that we cannot guarantee that you will pay us the 10% again, you did not do it last year so we are forgetting the 10%. We are charging a flat rate just like we do  with everybody else, we are charging a flat rate.

But it appears that after the conference, Jones and Mayor Bernard reached a settlement and Fiestarama is scheduled to proceed.

Kevin Bernard Orange Walk Mayor: We have been able to reach an accord in terms of the outstanding debt, the bill was revised, we have worked out to, in fact payments will be picked up today at the council and so our grounds will now be able to be occupied. Fiesta Rama will be held at the Orange Walk people stadium, Tomorrow at 2 o’clock myself along with my deputy mayor and three members of my comity; Councilor Sands and the administrator along with Mr. Riverol will be meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Youth Sports and Education and Mr. Ian Jones to renegotiate the issue of the fees for this year’s Fiesta Rama.  I am pleased to say that at the end of the day cooler heads prevail, this is about providing something for the people and so I am happy to report that Fiesta Rama is a go ahead, we will have Fiesta Rama at the people stadium.


Fiestarama is one of the Council’s biggest fundraising events.