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Orange Walk Town joins in celebration of the Festival of Hope

The Festival of Hope is in Belize for the first time and missionaries from across the United States of America are leading a number of activities across the country for the entire week. On Saturday past, over two hundred missionaries arrived in the country and dispersed to the nine municipalities. In Orange Walk, the missionary group is led by Will Jones, an Evangelist from the US. He spoke on the plans for Orange Walk.

Will Jones – Evangelist
“The idea, the vision behind the Festival of Hope is that the whole nation of Belize can hear the word of Gospel in the hope of Jesus Christ. The hope he provides thrpugh his life, death burial and resurrection and gives to everyone an opportunity to be able to have this peace, this eternal hope that only Jesus can bring. We believe that a community is made up of all those different aspects, you have the civil leaders, the mayor, the government, the business leaders, the community leaders. Every community usually has children and youth and adults as well so we want to be intentional to make sure that we reach each demographic of people starting with the businessman. We have a business conference on Tuesday at 6pm and a youth on Wednesday at 6pm, a party. We have a children’s festival on Tuesday as well at 1:30 and then on Thursday and Friday we have a festival for the whole city and all the families to come together at 6pm as well. That is what we are doing we are trying to reach individual demographics of people so they can hear about the hope of Christ. This is going to be a great opportunity to see lives changed, to see families restored all because of the hope of Christ. We have come working with so many people from this nation and we believe that Belize can be changed by the hope of Christ and the question as asked ‘can a nation be changed in a day?’ we believe that it can. We believe as we have come together with our friends from Belize, with our brothers and sisters that we will want to bring the message of hope to everyone who is hurting.”

The missionaries have held similar festivals in the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Panama. Jones says they plan to take it to other South American countries. The event will culminate in Belize City where all missionaries that arrived in the country will convene. The national festival will take place at the BTL Park.