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Orel Leslie sues Kolbe Foundation

Orel Leslie is suing Kolbe Foundation since he claims that he was treated inhumanely while he was incarcerated at the institution. The case commenced today before Justice Courtney Abel where Leslie appeared with his attorney, Audrey Matura while Senior Counsel Philip Zuniga and Crown Counsel Agassi Finnegan appeared on behalf of the defendant, the Kolbe Foundation.  At today’s court hearing, Leslie took the witness stand in his defense and explained to the court his version of what transpired. After the court hearing, Virgilio Murillo, the Chief Executive Officer of the Kolbe Foundation spoke to the media.

Virgillo Murillo, CEO, Kolbe Foundation: “Pretty much what he’s filing is a constitutional motion. There’s two things that he’s saying. He is saying that he was denied his constitutional right as it relates to the charges that he was charged for under the prison rules. Now I’m not too worried about that charged because like I said we didn’t charge him criminally for the offences we charged him for offences against prison discipline which is far different from a criminal charge. On the other hand he is charging the prison or alleging that the prison treated him inhumanely and that is what he really has a serious burden to try and prove and that is what I think really is the only thing that I believe he will have to really really prove.”

The trial will continue tomorrow.