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Organizer of Public Meeting Calls on Naysayers to ICJ

Last year there was the start of what was to be a continuous education process as it pertains to the Belize/Guatemala issue.  However, following the decision by Guatemala to not hold simultaneous referendum, there was a silence on the issue.  However, with Guatemala back on board and with the amendments to the Special Agreement signed onto about two weeks ago, the issue of the territorial dispute is back on the front burner of national issues.  There have been interviews and discussions in several quarters including the opposition party, members of the Foreign Affairs ministry as well as attorneys.  Tomorrow the discussion will continue as a group of Belizeans will be meeting up at Liberty Hall on Barrack Road in Belize City with the purpose of forming a united group that is saying no to the international Court of Justice.  Derrick Stewart is the coordinator of tomorrow’s event.


“At this point we have commitment from the Northern Volunteers, from the Belize Territorial Volunteers, The Belize People’s Front; we have aspirants from the People’s United Party who have committed to be at the meeting and actually known UDP’s who are coming to be at the meeting tomorrow to be a part of it.  So basically it’s not a party product. What we are looking forward to seeing is how the different small pockets out there, how we can come together as one unit to attack this issue. There are a lot of efforts right now and what we are seeing is that the impact in the isolated groups are not being felt so the purpose of the meeting is so that we can unite everybody as one national structure and how we can strategize to move forward.  Well I can’t tell exactly what the meeting will produce but I am hoping that it will leave a path on how we can set out the direction of how we can plan to strategize going forward and besides that, who will be giving what portfolio and what position to do that.  It’s a big task and a lot of work to get done at the same time it’s not a one person show. So we have to collectively work on this to get it done. We are hoping that by the end of the meeting that we will have a direction, that everyone is on board which so far the people are on board and each person commits themselves to a position of moving forward and to get the campaign on the road whether that be an education campaign, flyers , debates so forth so it’s basically to educate the Belizean masses as to what the real issues are and then how we move forward from there.”

According to Stewart, the public is invited to attend and join in the discussion.  The meeting tomorrow, however, is geared at voting no to the ICJ.  The session starts at nine o’clock.