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Original Gangster Witness his son’s shooting. Will there be retaliation?

The police department in Belize City has been on high alert in the Lake Independence area of Belize City after a 21-year-old man was critically injured in broad daylight.  The incident involves gang related individuals and there is the expectation of retaliation as the victim was gunned down in front of his family members.

Jose Sanchez: “21 year old Marcus Zelaya is clinging to life as he was shot while walking early Saturday morning before 10 am on Complex Drive adjacent to the Complex building in Belize City.”

ASP Alejandro Cowok: “Marcus Antonio Zelaya, 21 years Belizean was walking on Complex Avenue heading towards the river side when a vehicle stopped ahead of him and out of the vehicle a male person pushed out his hand and fired several shots at his direction causing him to receive multiple injuries to his body. He was admitted at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in a critical condition and he still remains in a critical condition. Well we suspect that it is of the different rivalries and different shootings that has been happening in that area and there is a possibility that yes that that is one of the motives.”

Reporter: “ So Mr. Zelaya has connection to one of the gangs?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Yes he is connected to one of the gangs there.”

Jose Sanchez: “Jose Antonio Zelaya Sr. an original gangster from the neighborhood was with his son about to buy tacos when he saw the gunman pump led into his upper right shoulder and upper right back.”

Jose Antonio Zelaya Gangster: “My son’s shooting was a planned hit by the BLC,the Backa Lands Crips. It was a planned hit and I am saying it because I know it and they know it. My son’s shooting had to do with the murder of Joseph Babb and I want the nation, Police Department, the media house and everybody to listen to what I have to say because I am very upset. Eight months ago I lost a son and this incident has nothing to do with my son’s murder eight months ago so that is the first thing I want to clear up. My niece, my two nephews and I left from my mother’s house heading towards my home. My son stopped at the corner of Mahogany and Complex to buy tacos and that is where they followed him from. My son stopped and talked to me for a brief moment and I saw the vehicle but the amount of people that was out on a Saturday morning I didn’t expect it. As soon as my son rode away the vehicle swerved away from me to cut off my son and that is where it happened. I looked around when the car swerved from me and I had to turn around because I had two kids with me. I am an old street man, when I turned around the first thing I saw was a man that threw himself from behind the driver’s seat and gave my son one shot in the back of his head: that was the first shot that my son received in the back of his head and he fell on his face. The vehicle came to a complete stop and the gun man shoved out half of his body and shoved three more shots on my son and at that moment I reacted and I ran behind the vehicle. The vehicle took off but God is a wonderful man because that was the moment that God exposed everything.”

Jose Sanchez: “You saw the shooter?”

Jose Antonio Zelaya Gangster: “I saw him and he knows I saw him.”

Jose Sanchez: “ The streets doesn’t sleep, will there be repercussions for his shooting?”

Jose Antonio Zelaya Gangster: “I personally don’t have any retaliation to do against them because I want to make all of them know that they are a set of cowards, all of you. I don’t have anything to retaliate against you.”

Jose Sanchez: “The possibility of retaliation is real and the Police Department continues to be vigilant in the area.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “There is a high tension of probable retaliation hence the reason Police is vigilant in that area. Police are patrolling mainly that Complex area, Jones Avenue, Lawrence Avenue and other avenues where it is traversed by these criminals.”

Jose Antonio Zelaya Gangster: “Whatever connection my son have to the underworld I can’t stop anything from that because that is not in my hands and that is not in my power but I am personally saying to my son’s friends, it was you and whatever you decide to want to do it’s you because it was them that came and troubled you and troubled me.”

Jose Sanchez: “ And the trouble affects all of us as a community. Jose Sanchez for Love News.”