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Orson Elrington says Alex Chang is not to blame

Late this evening the UDP standard bearer for the Freetown Division,  Orson Elrington was in Belama Phase 4 to face residents. He spoke with the media and said that contrary to what is being said, Alex Chang, the alleged proprietor of the land in question, was not responsible for the damages to at least two houses in the area. He also clarified his role in the situation.

Orson Elrington: “I am here because I am the UDP Standard Bearer for the constituency. I was called by several residents to intervene, and let me make it absolutely clear I am not representing Mr. Chang, I am not acting as an Attorney in no capacity for no one in this matter. I am acting as a mediator between them because Mr. Chang himself is a resident of Freetown so I said let me try to mediate the situation so that we can reach a compromise that would be beneficial to all persons involved. Somehow yesterday to my surprise and I got news of it before it came on the news that there were some mischief makers. Persons who were purposely misleading the people of this area, purposely using them rather than helping them and telling them a bunch of lies and apparently going so far as actually I don’t know breaking down some homes or whatever it is. I have the messages here and immediately when they told me that I said but why would the owners of the property do that when it is actually to their benefit with the arrangement for them to be here so that the owners can secure their property.”

Hipolito Novelo: “ You are saying that these people weren’t agents of Mr. Chang?”

Orson Elrington: “The text messages are here and I asked Mr. Chang specifically I called him and asked him to please verify that you guys did not send anybody here to remove any homes and here are the text messages to confirm such. I asked Mr. Chang if he would be willing to come in front of the media and he said you know what I don’t have any interest in coming in front of the media but I am willing to respond to you via text message to verify the fact that we did not send anybody here so whosoever is the mischief maker and as I told them that if anyone comes to break down your home you call the Police, let the Police deal with them because they have no authority to do so. There is a process where about if someone wants to evict you they need to go through a process, outside of that it would be illegal for anybody to break down any home so I told them call the Police right away so that the Police can deal with them.

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