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Oscar Mira emerges victorious as Standard Bearer for PUP in Belmopan

The People’s United Party is also celebrating as it has a standard bearer for the Belmopan constituency. There was much drama heading into the convention as the party had to fight off multiple challenges from attorney Arthur Saldivar who was hell bent on having his name appear on the ballot.  After Saldivar lost his latest battle in the courts on Friday, the convention went off without a hitch yesterday. Pauline Soberanis Tillett was at the Belmopan Comprehensive School where the ballots were being counted.

Reporter: Oscar Mira is the new standard bearer for the People’s United Party here in Belmopan. At a convention held on Sunday Mira handedly* defeated Michelle Rodriguez and Wiezsman Pat. The announcement was made by party chairman Henry Charles Usher.

Henry Charles Usher, PUP Chairman: “The official results are this, receiving 94 votes Mr.Wiezsman Pat, a round of applause for Mr.Wiezsman Pat. Receiving 171 votes Ms.Michelle Rodriguez, a round of applause please. And receiving 653 votes our new standard bearer for Belmopan Mr.Oscar Mira !”

Reporter: “Mira Addressed his supporters.”

Oscar Mira, PUP Standard Bearer, Belmopan: “We are not the enemy. The enemy is the UDP ! We are here and we invite everyone to come together, we will win the next national elections the general elections being united, that is how we are going to win the next general elections. I invite each and everyone of you to come in and let’s work together. Working together we will win.”