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Osmar Sabido’s Appeal Seeks Lesser Charge

Belize Court of Appeal today reserved its decision in the appeal of 30-year-old Osmar Sabido who was convicted of the murder of his common-law wife, 21 year old Christie Carrasco. Carrasco was stabbed to her chest twice with a knife at their home at San Lorenzo Site in Orange Walk Town on February 28, 2011. Sabido’s attorney, Leeroy Banner had appealed on the main ground that it was a case of extreme provocation and the trial Judge did not address his mind to it. Sabido testified at the trial that Carrasco told him that she thinks that she was pregnant for another man. He also said that it was Carrasco who attacked him with a knife and there was a struggle at the door and they ended up outside and Carrasco accidentally stabbed herself. But the jury did not believe his version of the events and he was found guilty on April 26, 2016, and  was sentenced to life imprisonment. Banner submitted to the judges of Belize Court of Appeal that the murder conviction should be substituted with manslaughter and an appropriate sentence be imposed. The respondent was represented by Senior Crown Counsel Sheneiza Smith and Crown Counsel Javier Chan.