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Otoxha Residents Concerned Over Suspicious Land Clearing

Wil Maheia of the Belize Territorial Volunteers is reporting that there is a massive incursion by Guatemalans into Belize’s territory.  Maheia said he received reports on Saturday of a portion of land being cleared in Otoxha Village in the Toledo District.  The following day he, accompanied by the village alcalde and Chairman visited the area where they found lines and land being cleared within Belize’s border.  The First Alcalde, Martin Chen spoke to Maheia on the situation.


“Well it’s like I told you one of the persons came to report on Sunday and made a report and he said that someone was coming to put a track in Belize. After that I went to check with my village police and the Alcalde and we went and checked and we saw the place where he put the track straight to the hill and we went back down the river and we found a little piece there again.”


“And that is inside Belize?”


“Yes in Belize.”


“Did you make an official report to the MLA or to the BDF?”



Otoxha’s Chairman also made an appeal to the Government.


“As the chairman of Otoxha Village I would like to request from the government to send the BDF as soon as possible to check out our area because you do not want another situation to repeat itself like what happened in Jalacte.”

Love News will keep following this story.