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Outcome Still Pending Into Investigation of Sexual Harassment Allegations in the GSU

At the end of October we told you of allegations surfacing within the Gang Suppression Unit where female officers were making allegations against two of their GSU colleagues.  The matter was taken to the Ombudsman as well and to the Professional Standards Branch of the Belize Police Department.  As a follow up, we asked Minister responsible for Home Affairs, Elodio Aragon Junior for an update.


“I had a meeting with the ombudsman, he brought in his investigation that he had done, the statements recorded etc. that was submitted to the commissioner of police for direction for him to look into it and at the end of the day for us to take action if it is deemed necessary and that is where it is right now. Remember there were two investigations, the ombudsman did his part and I think the professional standards board was tasked to follow up on that at the end of the day to make recommendation on whether we take action and to what extent and to carry out the investigation and that is where it is right now. I think tht question you could ask the commissioner for an update on that and I will be asking him as soon as I get a break too but that is where it is at this point.”

The complaint made against the male officers of the Gang Suppression Unit was done some time after the incidents reportedly occurred.  Love News asked Minister Aragon to comment on what the process the investigation would take considering that the incident and report were weeks apart.


“We will carry out an investigation, you have to interview people etc and at the end of the day you have to look to see if it’s against the police discipline, if its a criminal offence but that will be made at the conclusion of the investigation.”

As Minister Aragon noted, the Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie should have definitive answers to how the department will move forward on this matter.  We will be following up on this in the days to come.