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Outstanding Police Officers for August and September

Being a law enforcement officer may be deemed by many as just another form of employment and while the Belize Police Department has been stained with cases of police abuse and corruption, there are many passionate and efficient officers who take pride in what they do.  Today, Love News encountered two of them as the Eastern Division North honoured two officers for their outstanding performance.  HpesoJ (FI-SOJ) Bevans is a Special Constable who has been awarded multiple times for his commitment and dedication.  Despite the recognition, Special Constable Bevans says he will continue to perform.


Special Constable Bevans who is attached to Tourism Police was quite frank in our interview with him where he spoke of some of the challenges he faces with some of his colleagues in the department.


Also awarded this morning was Woman Police Constable Sharlett Andrews who is attached to the Prosecution Branch.  Andrews gave spoke of her experience as a police woman and took the time to render some motivational words to her colleagues.


Andrews has been in the department for fourteen years.  Both Bevans and Andrews received a certificate and a plaque as well as a small monetary award from ZITRO.  Bevans was awarded as Officer of the Month for August whilst Andrews was named for September.