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Over One Hundred Twenty Persons Arrested for Being in a Gang

Over 120 people were arrested over the past week for being a member of a gang. The arrests have come as a result of the Police’s efforts to get the criminal elements off the street whilst avoiding another State of Emergency. It turns out, however, that the efforts by the Police have proven futile once the matter reaches the courtroom. It is a frustration that Police Commissioner, Chester Williams spoke about yesterday.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “The GI3 is busy working overtime dealing with the gang investigations and I know I had said on the show yesterday that we had arrested about 60 gang members for being a member of a gang I was corrected after the show by Mr Gomes who is the commander of the intelligence and investigation section of GI3  that the actual figure of persons arrested by them so far is 120 so we have actually arrested 120 gang members for being a member of a gang and of that number almost half of them had pled guilty for the offence and the truth is of that half or almost half only one is in prison, only one of them got a prison sentence and that one person was tried by the chief magistrate. She was the only one who imposed a custodial sentence of the others were just fine and sent home to continue to to be a gang.”

Reporter: You don’t seem too happy with that.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I am not because these are the things that continue to plague us we try our best to get these gang members of the streets and somehow we just can’t get them in prison, it is frustrating.”