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Over Thirty Kilos of Weed Busted by the BCG

More than thirty kilos of marijuana were collected from the sea in the area of the Lighthouse Reef. The Belize Coast Guard made the find this morning and immediately engaged in the handing over process to the Anti-Narcotics Unit. Love News spoke to the Lieutenant Commander of the Belize Coast Guard, Almita Pinelo for further details.

Almita Pinelo, Lieutenant Commander, Belize Coast Guard: “Our patrol out at Lighthouse Reef was conducting their daily routine patrols and they came across something before departing and they decided to do an inspection of it in the waters. It was about 100 feet away from the dock there at Half Moon Caye and upon inspection they came across that it was in fact suspected packs and they counted about 36 packs of what was suspected marijuana. They reported it to us and then we got our standby patrol to head over to them being that we wanted to ensure that we do chain of custody correct and we did all of the weighed they don’t have skills over there so we brought them here to HQ and liaised with NIU in order to hand that over to the police. We believe that it is from a possible transshipment that was coming from Jamaica onwards and it was intended for probably Honduras and it ended up being either dropped out of the water or it accidentally fell out and it ended up drifting. If you recall we had that cold front come in yesterday so I’m sure that those nortes as we call it in Spanish definitely added to the fact that it drifted very close to land but it was still at sea in the water when we found it. It’s definitely a good find whether or not we found persons with it if you take the average street value and the 30.95 kilos that we weighed to be you’re looking at about an estimated value of about $81,705 Belize dollars. So whether or not we’ve found the culprits behind it it is still drugs that were taking out of anybody’s possible hands so to us it’s still a sizeable amount and bust.” 

This is the second find for the BCG as earlier this month they had found an M4 Carbine weapon on Tobacco Caye.