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OW Minor Accuses Police of Abuse

A minor of Orange Walk Town is accusing police there of abuse. The minor who was arrested yesterday told his attorney Marcel Cardona that he was arrested and taken to the Orange Walk Police Station where he was beaten. Cardona posted a video of the 16-year-old student who recounts what happened: 

Victim of Alleged Police Violence: “I was brought from home to this office. He had me handcuffed. He made me lie down. He kicked me twice right here in this section of the body and they had another police in there that punched me right there again and they took off my phone. They opened it without..”

Reporter: Your consent. 

Victim of Alleged Police Violence: “My consent”

Reporter: You have not eaten? They have not given you any food?

Victim of Alleged Police Violence:  “No Sir.”

Reporter: From what time were you detained?

Victim of Alleged Police Violence: “Um, 11 I guess.” 

Reporter: I understand 10:30, 11 this morning. Right now it’s what, after five? 5pm? So that has been what? You passed your lunchtime into suppertime and no one has given you anything to eat? You know that it is illegal to have a prisoner, have a prisoner, have a prisoner, someone detained without being fed or without being provided the basic food.Your human rights are being trampled upon.

Victim of Alleged Police Violence: “I asked for water but the lady told me that she would come back  but she didn’t come back with water.”