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Owner of Wabinaha Club to be Investigation

The National Commission for Families and Children (NCFC) fired off a press release this evening regarding the mass shooting. The NCFC is particularly concerned about the fifteen-year-old minor who was injured. The minor was inside the nightclub when the shooters attacked. The NCFC says, (quote) “It is clear that a 15-year-old should not be in a bar or nightclub, which must be reserved for adults. We call on law enforcement to fully investigate the management of the nightclub and to let the law takes its course for this grave infraction.” And the owner of Wabinaha nightclub will be investigated for several infractions. Police Commissioner Chester Williams explained. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner, Belize Police Department: “The proprietor of the establishment is being investigated for failure to provide adequate security. That should tell you that no police officer or officers were working at that establishment, from what we had been briefed was that the patron had some civilian as security. The police officers who were in the nightclub had just arrived there due to Hokins Day activities. The OC was moving around the village making sure that everything was going okay and he made a stop at the nightclub the same time the incident occurred. So he and the other officers were not engaged in no special duty at the event and certainly, yes, based on what we have seen on the video footage, there was no search being conducted on anyone who was entering the nightclub by the security that the proprietors had employed for that night. We are looking at something to be done to the owners because when the shooting took place last night, the rules when you get a liquor licence, is that you must have a separate exit from the entrance. The establishment does have a separate exit but when the thing took place last night, the exit was locked with padlock and people were inside the building scrambling trying to get out and they could not have gotten out because the exit was locked and they had to make their way through the same door where the gunmen were, putting them more at risk and that for sure is a no no and it has to be addressed. So it is something that we are looking at to see what can be done with the proprietor because certainly he was operating illegally.”