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P.L.O.W. has new building

P.L.O.W., the Port Loyola Organization for Women, inaugurated its new facility today. PLOW has been in existence for several years, helping women in the Port Loyola Community empower themselves. Over the years, PLOW has tried to find a headquarters of its own and, after moving from one location to the other, and after much dialogue with investors, PLOW today unveiled its new building. Hipolito Novelo reports.

For the past years, P.L.O.W., the Port Loyola Organization for Women has been assisting women in the Port Loyola Division. Their goal is to empower women to become self-dependent, be able to uplift their lives and the lives of their family, and contribute positively to their community. They have been doing so without a proper facility and headquarter but that challenge has now been overcome. PLOW unveiled its new HQ on Kraal Road, Belize City. Lauren Burgess-Eagon is the Director of PLOW. She along with her colleagues, has kept the organization functional.

Lauren Burgess-Eagan, Director, P.L.O.W.: “This building is going to be a lighthouse in dark world. We are on the border of Queen Square and we are still in Port Loyola so we serve this area with love and joy in our hearts. We welcome everybody to come here already. God is good, if you have a dream he fullfills it and he sends the right people, the right people.”

And in this case this right people are the people from the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) and the Government of Belize.

Lauren Burgess-Eagan, Director, P.L.O.W.: “OFID has allowed and the Government of Belize have allowed women to work, to pay their bills, to feed their children, to send them to school. OFID has allowed us to have this building which was a dream for all of us. Today we are grateful. The color of the building is pink and purple- purple for the deity of God and royalty of women and pink is for women we are soft, we are loving, we are caring and it doesn’t matter what you say the world does not run without a woman. Women run the world whether we like it or not.”

OFID has budgeted about thirty two point two million dollars project to realize the Southside Poverty Alleviation Project. It is through this project that PLOW received its new facility.

Suleiman Jasir-Al Herbish, Director General, OFID: “This occasion is opportune to express our commitment to the Government of Belize and people and your children and the community here for more commitment and more cooperation with you. We at OFID believe that this kind of cooperation cannot be improved without access to reliable infrastructure, education, health and social welfare. We have followed the implementation of the South Side poverty alleviation project and are pleased to see that it’s development objective is being met and being met with great success.”

The Southside Poverty Alleviation Project aims to improve infrastructure, health, education and social welfare needs in poor areas in Belize City.