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PACT Calls for Proposals for BNCF

Up to thirty eight thousand Belize dollars is being offered through the Belize Nature Conservation Foundation to a qualified management organization of terrestrial protected areas.  These organizations can be either non-governmental or community based and must be involved in general park management, protection, environmental education and equipment; and/or training and research.  The committee will look seriously at the proposals that seek to establish, restore, protect and maintain protected areas and reserves.  It will also look at the development and implementation of scientifically sound systems of natural resource management including land and ecosystem management practices ecosystem management practices.  There are other activities that will be looked at including but not limited to the research and identification of the medicinal uses of tropical forest plant life to treat human diseases, illnesses and health related concerns.The Belize Nature Conservation Foundation (BNCF) was the product of a Debt for Nature Swap with the United States Government and local NGOs.  Application forms can be had by sending an email to grantsinfo@pactbelize.org.  Deadline for proposals is June 23, 2017.