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Pageant Drama in Corozal brewing

What’s September without heated pageant drama? It appears that this year is gearing up for a double crowning of the Queen of the Bay as witnessed in 2017 – but this time in Corozal. On one side, there is the coordinator recognized by the national committee and the Pitts family, whose ancestor R.A. Pitts wrote the original pageant. On the other, there appears to be a self-declared – and now former — coordinator, who is about to crown a delegate of their choice. At the crux of this are two young women:  Kelsey Zetina, who participated in the national pageant on August 20 and Ashana Gonzalez, who has been presented as the Queen-designate for the northernmost district. A joint statement by the Association of Former Queens, the National Queen of the Bay Committee and the Pitts Family says that Zetina was duly selected by the district committee of Corozal and as such, she is the one to be crowned as the Queen of the Bay Corozal tomorrow. Legal counsel for the national committee and a member of the Pitts family, Sharon Pitts reiterated that point when we spoke to her this afternoon. 

Additionally, the release says that no other party or person is authorized to go through with any pretext or plans to crown another individual at any other time or place. It also says that no other entity can own the Queen of the Bay title because, at the district level, queens and committee coordinators were approved by the national committee.