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Pallotine Sisters Telethon raises over $184,000

The Pallotine Sisters have a final figure for the monies raised in their Convent Rebuild Fundraiser Telethon held on Saturday at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. The money will go towards the demolition and reconstruction of a new convent in Belize City. Sister Steven Franco gave us the final figure today and says they are very grateful for the public’s support.

Sr. Stephen Franco

“It was a very good day as you are very much aware and we have a super duper committee and the final count is $184,491.00; that is really very good. We are very grateful for that. I always thought Belize would never forsake us and God never forsakes us so we do have money for demolishment. That will take place in the next week for sure, one or two the very longest. I don’t really want to see the day, I think it is going to be a very painful activity but it has to be. We are grateful to Belize for that because we could never have garnered that amount of money, never. And so we are very grateful to the committee, we are grateful to all of you who helped. We are grateful to the last person if they gave a dollar.”

The eleven Pallotine sisters are currently staying in the infirmary located adjacent to the old convent building.