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Pallotti High School holds annual school fair

Pallotti High School is holding its annual school fair on Saturday. Today staff, teachers and students were busy preparing for the event on the school’s campus. Sister Clara Teul, Pallotti’s Principal, says the funds will be invested in constructing a school auditorium.


Sister Clara Teul, Principal: “To run a school is not easy, there is a lot of challenges with the infrastructure and we are trying to build our auditorium even if it just to put a shed over for the basketball court for our children so that is the purpose of our fundraiser. And what do we expect? Lots of highlights here, different games, we have new activities that are coming, new games that the  teachers and students have prepared. We have tambola and fish pond, games that you can win good prizes especially Tambola and we also have the popularity contest that everybody tries looking forward to be a winner so we will be showcasing our beautiful girls and we have cheesy fries, it is something new that is on the menu. The fair this year they are trying this fry oreo cookie and it’s very delicious and nice and then we have palochina which is from Pallotti. We will be showcasing a lot of foods, items as well as the games and also the Sisters are having the White Elephant now trying to fundraise towards our building and our convention. We also have a dance for the teens and I just want to also advice the young people that they need to come with their school I.D. and make sure that it is proper that they wear their school I.D. with them to be able to enter the dance. If they are not a student then they cannot be participating in the dance and I also want the public to know that we have security, there will be lots of Police around the place but not to be fearful but to come and enjoy and bring the entire family along.”


The fair starts at three o’clock in the afternoon.