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Panton Says Dickie’s Word on Mason Has No Weight

Last week we brought you an interview with Richard Dickie Bradley where he aired several allegations reportedly made by William Mason.  Yesterday, whilst we were at the Outback Farm at mile 31 on the George Price Highway we met up with Mason’s attorney, Herbert Panton who told Love News that Bradley is not authorized to speak on behalf of his client and that there is no credence to what Bradley has said about Mason.  Today, we had the chance to have Attorney Bradley respond to Panton’s statements.


“Lawyers don’t quarrel amongst themselves. We belong to a lodge, Mr.Mason spoke at length to Mark Flowers and the things that were said Mark Flowers had that information before he was in fact arraigned but before he was taken into the police station to be charged. That would have been another story.”

Bradley is attorney for Mark Flowers while Panton is the defense for William Mason.