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Paraquat’s Assailant Positively Identified

Police in Orange Walk have also closed in on the homicide case of Carlos ‘Paraquat’ Griffith.  Griffith was a homeless man of that municipality who was beaten severely on September 28 after he had refused to give up a stool he was sitting on.  It is a disturbing story as residents of the town have attested to Griffith not being a bothersome individual and undeserving of meeting his death in such a brutal manner.  Inspector Nicholas Palomo is the Deputy Commander for Orange Walk and he told us that there have been progress in the investigation.


“Carlos Griffith’s murder has been solved and we detained a suspect by the name of Tishawn Clarke, a resident of Lovely Lane Belize City. He is 35 years old. We conducted an identification parade and he was positively identified as one of the persons that were assaulting Carlos Griffith. He is about to get charged for murder.  However before he was charged for the possession of a controlled drug and he went and pled guilty to the court, he was remanded into custody. So by early morning tomorrow he will be charged for the crime of murder. Police went and apprehended him and they found an amount of cannabis in his possession. He is here right now so when he gets charged for murder he is going to prison. There is a next person but we have not yet identified that next person.”

A second man is being sought in this incident.  Meanwhile Griffith was laid to rest yesterday evening.