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Parent speaks about the loss of son in Accident

About 3:40 p.m. yesterday there was a traffic accident reported at the junction of the Southern Highway with the San Antonio Road involving a man, woman and a child. The man was identified as Police Constable Kenyon Pandy who was attached to the Belmopan Police Station. He passed away due to his head injuries. The female passenger was identified as 24 year old Police Constable Zuniga who dislocated her right shoulder and complained of chest and leg pain. The boy escaped with only a swollen lip.

Father of deceased: “Well my son Kenyon Pandy, I know some of them like to get confuse with Kenyon, Kenton and Kenroy but this is Kenyon the Policeman. I think he has been a Policeman for three or four years, I can’t quite remember. But one day I found out that he joined the Police so I told him well it’s a good idea to do something with your life but I think it was about two or three years he had joined the Police already. Yesterday it was a shock because when they call me this person said” bwai you son dead” and instead of a person coming and saying well bwai look here you know what if you hear the news already of what happened to your son or if you get a call about what happened to your son, right away on the spot boom you know what I mean and then it throw me off a little while because I was supposed to be on the show last night, I just let it pass through and took my phone off because I was getting a lot of calls and it felt funny to make them call me and call me every minute so I just take my phone off and continue you know but I know how it feels now when a person’s child dies, sometimes you would just say condolences to that person but when the cap fit you then you will know how it feels. It feels funny and hard, someone called and told me that how he wanted to try reach work and he was trying to reach before a certain time.”

Jose Sanchez: “ Where?”

Father of deceased: “I don’t know if he was going to PG or coming from PG, they didn’t tell me that. All they said was that he was trying to reach work but I don’t know which part he was heading from. I saw the vehicle you know and it was mashed up so I said well you know things happen and so you know. When I see the vehicle I said let me watch news but I know I shouldn’t have watched it until afterwards because I saw it and he was trying to reach work so. He is a cool guy, easy and again people out there I will tell you too that if you are driving take care, be careful on the road because you don’t know what could happen and don’t try to hurry reach a spot that you know you will reach just because of time. Because it’s better to be late than never and I always tell my son that if he is driving be careful when you are driving, if you are drinking have a person drive for you or take your time.

Pandy was driving from Punta Gorda Town towards the direction of the   Jalacte Border when he lost control of the vehicle and it flipped over several times and landed on its side into the bushes. Pandy’s body now lies at the PG morgue awaiting a postmortem.