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Parenting Guide Training for coordinators across the country


The National Committee for Family and Children (NCFC) held training and sensitizing sessions for coordinators from municipalities across Belize as it relates to the Parenting Guide. The Parenting Guide, entitled The Art of Parenting, was launched two years ago.

The National Committee for Family and Children (NCFC) held training and sensitizing sessions for coordinators from municipalities across Belize as it relates to the Parenting Guide. The Parenting Guide, entitled The Art of Parenting, was launched two years ago. According to the Executive Director of NCFC, Margaret Nicholas, they hope that the message from the Parenting Guide reaches every parent in Belize.

Margaret Nicholas, Executive Director, National Committee for Families and Children: “The whole idea is to train as much trainers throughout the country to ensure that the parenting guide, the guide which is a parenting guide, has a broad outreach so that we are hoping that once we have a good cadre of trainers that hey will be able to get the message across. Actually the coordinators that you see here today they are from all the municipalities, they are a part of the CABS they too have put together their strategic plans and they have actually aligned their strategic plans with Children’s Agenda. The Children’s Agenda was launched in 2017 and so it’s in its third year of existence and to ensure that the vision of the agenda is achieved which is that Belize is would be the best place in the world for children and families to grow we are ensuring that since one of the transformational goals is support to parents we are ensuring that this message is wide, it is known by all and so that we will be able to support and help parents to parent better. Because we believe that if we’re able to do that we may have less problems than we are seeing in our society so really and truly this is a wonderful opportunity. We’ve been here since Tuesday and we have people from Punta Gorda all the way down to Corozal and from the Cayes and we also have a cadre of people from the Youth Enhancement Services as well and so they’re all a part of this wonderful opportunity and we look forward to exactly the impact of what this training will do within our society.”

We also spoke with some of the participants who told us about their strategic plans for their municipalities.

Elizabeth Paharsingh, Technical Coordinator, SCFM Corozal: “We all have our strategic plans that we follow they are all similar but they have certain things that are different because every municipality has its own different needs but one thing that is common with every plan is the idea of providing parent support. So it is very important because we have to remember that creating a child friendly municipality has to start from the home. So in order to start from the beginning we need to make sure we know how to provide parents support because it’s their involvement as well not just the child, not just the municipal government. We need to ensure that parents know what they can do in their part, in their home to provide a safe environment for their child and also get information that they need so that they know how to properly raise  their child in regard to childhood development in all aspects whether from the typical child to how to raise children with disabilities. So this is why it’s very important for us as technical coordinators to come for this training so that we be able as a country to be able to accomplish this goal.”

Tina Gill, Program Coordinator, Youth Enhancement Services: “YES was given a grant through the CARSI fund which is funded by the US government and so under that fund there is a component to support organizations to develop their skills particularly social workers, health educators and officers that work in those capacities. So we are here as a supportive agent to the National Committee for Families and Children to give education to these workers in the different areas throughout the countries, so we are here as a supportive organization. We are taking the opportunity as well to take part in the training so we can also develop our skills and also the work that we do within the communities because as Youth Enhancement Services is an organization that works along with teenage mothers as well as woman within the community so it’s helpful for us to also be a part of the training so that we can impart this knowledge and skills to these young people and older women to help enhance their parental skills.”

Today was the last of four sessions that were held this week.

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