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Parents Protest in Northern and Western Belize

As we mentioned earlier, teachers will return to the classrooms tomorrow. In the days leading up to the teachers’ decision, some parents had expressed concern on the prolonged strike. Yesterday about twenty parents staged a demonstration in Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District. Their demonstration led them in front of Santa Elena Roman Catholic School. When the group arrived in front of the school they noticed that the gates were padlocked. The demonstrators then proceeded to break the locks and entered the school compound. Several police officers were present but did not attempt to prevent one of the demonstrators from breaking the locks. In fact, one police officer merely warned the Chairman of the United Democratic Party, Alberto August, that they were damaging private property.  The warning fell on deaf ears and the protestors marched into the compound. August explained why the locks were broken.


“We’re concerned parents of the school that have had enough, we want our children to go back to school where they belong. It is illegal to keep the schools locked once there are some teachers who want to go in there that is contrary to the ILO convention they must not restrict those teachers who are not striking from entering the school that is one of the reason why the president said they are going to break the lock and they are going to hand the key over now to the school warden. It is against the law to have the school locked. The school wardens have the key whenever the teachers come now they can open the lock and allow the children to go to the classrooms where they belong.”

A demonstration comprised of parents was also held in Orange Walk Town yesterday