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Parents Want Missing Daughter to Come Home

Tonight Maricela Galdamez and her common-law-husband Julian Alvarez have come to us for help looking for their seventeen year old missing daughter, Loani Janet Alvarez. Loani has been missing since June 25 and is a resident of 43b Marage Road, Ladyville Village, Belize District. She was last seen at home by her younger brother wearing a blue shirt and blue or white short pants. Maricela said that her daughter left and took her passport and some clothing with her, however when they went to immigration, they we’re told that they do not have any records that their daughter has crossed the border.


“The day she left she called the police and told them that she was with a friend but she didn’t say where it was and it was from a restricted number and then the police didn’t investigate that yet and she called me and told me that she was waiting for the bus but she didn’t tell me where either she just put down the phone.”

The mother says that last week her husband received a call from Loani, but he does not believe it was her that called.


“Last Friday her dad got a call, saying that she was locked up in a room and they are beating her but he said it doesn’t sound like her voice, as if it is somebody tricking us. The voice said, “Dad, I’m not far away from your house” but I don’t know if it’s her and that is why we are worrying now.”

Maricela said that last time she heard from the police about their daughter’s disappearance was two days ago, however, they had no updates for her. Loani was attending the Ladyville Technical High School and was majoring in Hospitality. Her mother says that there is no way of reaching her since she doesn’t own a cellphone.  Via this newscast, the mother is sending a message to her daughter or for anyone that has seen her or know where she is.


“If somebody sees her call me or if you she sees me please come home because she has me worrying. If you want to tell me that you want to stay by yourself and work I just need to know how she is living right now. If there are any friends from school seeing her or with her please call me or tell her to come home.”

If you have seen Loani Janet Alvarez please contact the nearest police station or her mother at 660-2512 or 607-1246.