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Park Rangers found dehydrated, but safe

There is good news to report tonight, as the two men who had gone missing in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve have been found. (VO STARTS) 43-year-old, Park Manager Luis Ernesto Ramirez and 21-year-old, Park Ranger Elroy Villanueva were found around 1:30 this afternoon. They had reportedly entered the reserve around four o’clock on Monday afternoon and did not come out. A search party was put together and included personnel from the Belize Defense Force, the Belize police Department and the Forestry Department. The intense search went on for hours and this afternoon, BDF soldiers and members of the Police Special Patrol Unit found both men. According to the National Institute of Culture and History, NICH, they were located 2.5 kilometers Northwest of Caracol and 4 kilometers East of the Guatemalan border, in an area called Sapote. Preliminary reports are that the men became disoriented and eventually lost their way in the forest on Monday night. The men were unharmed but dehydrated and were taken to the San Ignacio Community Hospital for medical attention. Luis Ernesto Ramirez of San Jose Succutz Village in the Cayo District and Elroy Dale Villanueva of Lucky Strike Village in the Belize District were later reunited with their families.