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Parliamentarian and Attorney Explains why it’s NO to ICJ

Kareem Musa, son of former Prime Minister Said Musa had told us that he does not agree with his father’s pro-ICJ position. While in front of Parliament, the Caribbean Shores Area Representative also an astute attorney gave us his reasons for saying no and they included current Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington as well as the wording of the Compromis which was allegedly poorly crafted in 2008 and signed by Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington, former Guatemalan Foreign Minister, Haroldo Rodas, and former OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza

Kareem Musa: “We are not in Disney world, the Prime Minister is not Walt Disney and so he cannot with the stroke of a wand in one press conference erase the ten years of dedication by the Foreign Minister on our case and our country’s position. I firmly maintain that Sedi Elrington has mishandled this case from the get go in 2008 and let us remember that at yesterday’s press conference it let us see it for what it was four former Foreign Ministers coming together in unity, yes it is their baby but this thing has been a disaster ever since 2008 and so my position naturally has to change. Yes I may believe that Belize has a strong case, I am not one out there saying we have an air tight case, even the Foreign Minister Sedi Elrington has said we may have some surprises in the Maritime areas so this is a time we should have a very strong and firm position, we have no time to be displaying weakness and that is what Sedi Elrington has been doing. Secondly we are dealing with a very disrespectful neighbor in Guatemala, a bully neighbor in Guatemala. How can you in 2008 say that we are going to go to a court to determine whether or not we have rights to Belize’s land and Maritime areas, then in 2015 have the nerve and and the gal to take over the Sarstoon in complete disrespect of all laws in complete contravention of what they themselves signed up for in 2008 to go to the ICJ. Do you think you can do that in the Supreme Court in Belize just go and sue somebody and then while the case is pending go and take that persons land, that is ridiculous. What are we doing here so there is no Sarstoon protocol that has to be in place. The OAS, the ICJ, whoever has to step in, our Foreign Ministry needs to step up and say to them we will not partake if you don’t respect us in the Sarstoon and finally my criticism of the Compromis that was signed in 2008. I do not like the wording of that Compromis and in particular I do not like that it says that we are going to a court in order to determine our boundaries. We had an 1859 Treaty that already determined our boundaries and so what that Compromis ought to had said is that we are going to the ICJ to determine whether the 1859 Boundary Treaty between Belize and Guatemala is valid. That is the only question that we should actually be partaking in this time and so my point also on that Compromis which is that it ought to have come to the House of Representatives because what it does, you have to bear in mind that our constitution at Article 1 sets out what our boundaries are for Belize and so we have to bear in mind that any decision coming from the ICJ could possibly alter our own constitution and are we considering that? The law says that our constitution says that paragraph 68 that only parliament can alter or amend our constitution, not only the ICJ so what Sedi Elrington did and whoever assisted him in drafting the Compromis they did not come to parliament. What they did on their own was to draft and come up with this wording on their own when in fact it ought to have come to parliament because that is what the constitution requires so in my humble opinion the Compromis is totally unconstitutional because it was not passed in this house that yous see behind us today.