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Parliamentarians to Table Several Pieces of Legislation

Parliamentarians will meet in Belmopan on Friday where several pieces of legislation will be tabled including the Whistleblowers’ Act. According to the Minister of Public Service, Henry Usher, he is pumped in having the Whistleblowers’ legislation brought to the House of Representatives.

Henry Charles Usher, Minister of Public Service: “We have to prioritize our spending. We have to make sure that – we’re still going through a pandemic we have to make sure that we can feed our people. We have to make sure that we continue to open up the economy, continue to create jobs but these exercises, this good governance exercise, the legislation that’s being put in place and let me congratulate the Attorney General and the work she has done in putting these legislations forward it’s important that we get it done. Yes it costs but it will be beneficial in the long run for Belize so we need to get it done now.”

The introduction of new Bills translates to many days and late nights in drafting the document, and also entails additional spending by the Government. While the Briceno administration has vowed to good governance we asked the minister if he feels the money used on these Bills could be utilized in the economic recovery efforts instead.

Henry Charles Usher, Minister of Public Service: “The one I’m most excited about is the protected disclosures bill I discussed it this morning on The Morning Show but really this is what is more popularly known as the Whistleblowers Act. It’s something that the unions had requested, something that we had been working on, we were able to beat the timeline that we had given to the unions and I have to say again they said they would respond to us in writing to give us their views on the bill on May 18 , we still have not heard anything from them on this bill. So we’re still waiting perhaps when it’s introduced in the House and it goes to a House committee they will make their views known to the House committee. There are other legislations I think there’s an amendment to the Court of Appeal Act, I’m not sure what all legislation is going but this is the one I am focusing on.”