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Participants comment on Law Forum

Today was the final day of the forum held by Impact Justice. Yesterday, we told you that the Belize Law-Making Forum is being held under the theme “Sound Policy for Better Law” which brought together several stakeholders from different ministries.   These ministries will now be involved in the drafting of the laws in order to make the work of the Attorney General’s ministry easier.  Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte told the media that even though the participants were not lawyers, the concepts should be easy to grasp. Love News spoke with two of the participants, Jeavon Hulse, Senior Environmental Officer at the Department of the Environment and Karlene McSweaney, Acting Senior Economist at the Ministry of Economic about the forum.


Jeavon Hulse, Sr Environmental Officer, Department of the Environment: “What is being presented is not necessarily detailed legal concepts but more so a general approach to legislative drafting and overall policy development. For instance today what is being explained or presented is how you develop effective policies and then take that along to actual legislation.”

Karlene McSweaney, Acting Senior Economist: “The most important thing I think I think I gathered was about the drafting process. I know it’s important for Ministries to assist the Attorney General’s Ministry by having done much of the work in ensuring that their process was clear so that the Attorney General’s Ministry could do their part in the drafting process. For example if you’re going to review the traffic laws ordinarily we would hire consultants or ordinarily a project would engage a consultant to do that review but when that  information is submitted to the Attorney General’s Ministry. It might not be a inform that they are able to efficiently undertake the exercise so they might find themselves having to go all the way back to the beginning to do it in the way that is easier for them. So they’re developing standards and informing ministries as to what would be useful to them in the drafting process from Ministries should be helpful to both the Ministries in ensuring that their legislation will be drafted in as quick a manner as possible and it is the same for the AG’s Ministry they can do their work as quickly as possible.”