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Party Leader Changes PUP Senators

Upon Francis Fonseca’s announcement of resignation of the Party Leader post, he did make note that the three Senators he had appointed under his leadership would remain as caretakers for the People’s United Party until a new leader is chosen.  John Briceno emerged as that new leader and in the last few weeks discussions have been ongoing as to how they would move forward regarding their representation in the Senate.  Briceno told us what the characteristics are that the PUP is looking for in a Senator.

JOHN BRICENO: It was very clear by the former leader of the opposition that the three senators were care takers and so I have taken my time in trying to find a right balance in finding some of the best people because we have a lot of talent in our party. We are trying to find the right balance as to the people that are going to be put in the senate that are going to represent us. We want people that are articulate, people that can stand up and defend the party’s position and defend Belize and that they are prepared to do the work in the senate so that is what we are working on.”

As for the persons who are being nominated for the Senatorial seats, Briceno told us the names and why they were selected.

JOHN BRICENO:We are nominating two persons, we are nominating Eamon Courtney who is to be our lead in the senate, we are also nominating Valerie Woods a very articulate Belizean woman who has great respect both in the business community and in the NGO community especially in the tourism community and also the third person we were nominating is Paul Thompson. Paul Thompson is a  well known person in Belize and in the sporting community, he has been very very active especially with young people. We believe these three young persons can represent us well and that they are going to do good work in the senate and we expect a lot from them and we are also going to demand a lot from these three senators.”

The current Senators are Anthony Sylvestre Jr., Lisa Shoman and Patrick Andrews.